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Wildflowers in Paternoster

Paternoster, on the West Coast of South Africa, is a sight to behold during spring and early summer, when nature’s persian carpet of textured color, rolls out.  The flowers start to bloom from the beginning of August and are in abundance during spring and early summer.

During springtime, the fields, in and around Paternoster, are covered with the wild flowers which made the West Coast of South Africa famous throughout the world.

Some of the stunning wildflowers you will see in the Paternoster and surrounding areas.

 Goue Sterretjie - Spiloxene ovata
Goue Sterretjie – Spiloxene ovata
Doll’s Rose/Poprosies - Hermannia
Doll’s Rose/Poprosies – Hermannia
Geelgesiggie - Hemimeris sabulosa
Geelgesiggie – Hemimeris sabulosa
Bokbaai Vygie - Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
Bokbaai Vygie – Dorotheanthus bellidiformis
Rooimalva - Pelargonium fulgidum
Rooimalva – Pelargonium fulgidum








Cheiridopsis rostrata
Cheiridopsis rostrata
Paternoster Froetang - Romulea barkerae
Paternoster Froetang – Romulea barkerae
Leeubekkies - Nemesia
Leeubekkies – Nemesia
Salvia lanceolata – Rooisalie
Salvia lanceolata – Rooisalie
Kattekruid - Ballota africana
Kattekruid – Ballota africana











Since1917 Darling’s Wildflower Shows, are a highlight of the flower season on the West Coast.  through all the years their mission with the show stayed the same:  to display Darling’s God-given wealth of flowers for the world to see, and promote the conservation of flowers.

The West Coast flower region, an integral part of the Cape Fynbos Kingdom, boasts more than 1200 species of flowering plants. About 80 of these are endemic to the West Coast and known nowhere else. The rich flora of the West Coast occurs on mainly three different soil types, culminating in three distinctive vegetation types, namely, Strandveld, Renosterveld and Sandveld.

Darling lies within the Cape West Coast Biosphere reserve in the centre of the threatened lowland sandplain and renosterveld fynbos.

Darling Wild Flower Show Details:

When: Friday 18 to Sunday 20 September 2015

Where: Darling,  West Coast

Cost: Adults R50.00 Pensioners (Friday 18 September 2015 ONLY) R30.00, Children 14-18 yrs old R30.00,   Children 13yrs and younger – Free 

From: Paternoster, Western Cape, South Africa
To: Darling, Western Cape, South Africa
The distance is: 87.6 km
The driving time is: 58 mins

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