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It’s the month of October!
Seems folk here celebrate forever
in a month as heavenly as October!

 Eleanor Lemmer

South Africa’s most beautiful Jacaranda City

Pretoria is famous for many things.
Not only is it the executive and real national capital of South Africa—

it is also South Africa’s most beautiful Jacaranda City.

Pretoria’s Jacaranda trees were originally imported from Brazil by a Pretoria resident and have since found their way onto many streets in Pretoria.

It is estimated that there are almost 55 000 Jacarandas growing around the streets, parks and gardens of Pretoria.

From late September to middle November, Jacarandas bloom all over Pretoria and turn the face of the city into a stunning canvas of purple hues.

President Nelson Mandela’s inauguration, May 1994
President Nelson Mandela’s inauguration, May 1994



During President Nelson Mandela’s inauguration speech

in May 1994, he said:

“To my fellow citizens, I have no hesitation in saying that each one of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as we are to the famous Jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bush-veld.”

October 2016 wedding venue bookings

The month October is without doubt the most beautiful month in Pretoria. 

October, this magic month in the middle of spring, with its abundance of color and fragrances, is also one of the most popular times for weddings.

Be sure to book NOW for you wedding in October 2016!

At Deja-vu we are privileged to be situated in Annie Botha Avenue, a Jacaranda lined street in Riviera.  Through our 24 years of hosting weddings, we’ve seen, and looked at photos of many bridal couples, pictured against this magnificent backdrop of hazy, purple Jacaranda trees, in the street in front of our wedding venue.

Jacaranda Wedding Venue - Deja-vu
Jacaranda Wedding Venue – Deja-vu

Pretorians love the beautiful Jacarandas which have become synonymous with their city.

Jeanie van der Merwe, who now lives in Russia, wrote “I studied at Tuks for two years and loved riding my bicycle through those Jakaranda strate!”

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